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Jun. 22nd, 2012

This journal was previously an RP journal. It is being converted to a community following one, to better organize my friends page. 

OOC Post: Character Info

Long overdue, I know X3 This'll be a constant header, as well as her list of... well, 'allies' and enemies, once  I get that up >.>

Also! Comment here for plots, contact, critique, advice, etc. :3

43rd Free Expedition

[Voice Post]

Battles, Races, Dances, Songs. Does it matter whether the event draws sweat or blood? People flock to watch and be entertained by the struggle of others. Is it for amusement, or do you seek to distract yourself from struggles of your own?

[End Voice Post]

42 Free Expedition - The Truth?

[Voice Post]

What sort of nonsense is this? Are there any who would dare a dragon to anything?

Foolish games! The deities reveal their immaturity once more.

[long frustrated growl]

Very well then. If you are bold enough, choose your fate carefully.

Truth or Dare.

[/voice post]

[Video Post]

A lean, muscle-and-whipcord type of girl stands staring at her nude body, the network device only catching her physique from the waist up.

"What?" Her voice is just as rough, only without the rumbling undertone, and sounds almost as if the girl's windpipe had been crushed a long time ago and healed wrong. Her hands curl into fists as an angry expression builds on the contours of her face.

"Is it not enough that I must watch them? Must I now become them as well?"

She notices the camera now, and stalks over to it, brushing it irritatedly aside. The imagery blurs, and fritzes out as the camera hits the ground

[/Video Post]

40th Free Expedition ~ The Fog

[Voice Post]

[flapping wingbeats an be heard, and a growl of minor annoyance. She's not flying as fast today, so the wingbeats are both more laboured and more constant. No breeze for soaring today :/ ]

This fog is far too thick and too consistant. What clouds stretch from the earth to the heavens with no breaks between them?

The deities toy with nature once more. Is this the extent of the curse, or do they plan something else...

[A dull thud as she lands by the forest]

Neither sky nor human city bears residing in today.

[End Voice Post]

39th Free Expedition ~ Red on Red

[Voice Post]

[A rather stomach turning series of thick dripping noises can be heard as the dragon rumbles. There are squishing sounds as she shifts, or something like a small spot of rain every time she flicks her wings.]

What is this?

Does the City think to drown me in blood as some form of punishment? Hmph…  The blood of those who brought my world to ruin is hardly a torment.


Would you have enjoyed this day, Caim? Or would even this flood not quench your thirst?

[end voice post]

[Just to reiterate, action post!]

The dragon swooped in low over the Xanadu gardens, feeling the wind rush over her scales. It was the only time she ever felt something close to contentment, being in the air above something that resembled nature. If she could've she might have tried to stay in the forest, but a creature like her needed room for wingspan.

She swung around again, and landed, waiting to meet Lyra and Pantalaimon. She wasn't really sure why she wanted to seek their words. It confused her, just a little, and that irritated her. But she could think of no others to go to to speak of her intentions. She had learned rather quickly and abruptly that she might need to forge something like a truce or at least light connections with some of the non-dragons of the City. Further, she was begining to see that many humans here were very surprising in their behavior. She still didn't trust them, and she still thought them reckless, greedy, and foolish.... but perhaps..... just.... perhaps.... there were some who might be worth getting to know.

The trouble was... socialization was very clearly not this dragon's strong suit. which carried another irritating notion. The thought that she might be weak in some area. She knew she had limits.... but such weakness? From a dragon? So the mighty Angelus needed someone to speak to, to gain further insight from. Lyra and Pan knew her name, and she felt a certain kinship with them. So they would do.

She stood and waited, scanning the grounds, tail sweeping through fields of flowers

[end action post!]

37th Free Expedition ~ Pirate Dragon!

[Voice Post]

'Tis a fine thing when ye wake up speakin loike a bloody fool. This may be th' first I've heard o' this manner of speech, but I be tirin of it quickly. This be another strange curse, to be sure.

T' Lyra, Pantalaimon, an' Vash...... I'll be havin' a word with th' both o' ye after this blasted curse be over, o' course. T'would be a damned pain otherwise.

[end voice post]

[OOC: OMG I"M SORRY I'VE BEEN SO SLOW WITH HER! I keep getting caught up in Michiru's mess and not leaving myself the time to post for her x.x Not to mention her change in attitude is being kinda tricky x.x Will be fixing that presently! Also, yes, she does refer to Lyra and Pan as sepreate, but unified entities, since she views them a bit like she views herself and Caim. And no, she didn't pose her request to speak to them as a question. She's Angelus xD ]

36th Free Expedition - Old Dragon Is Old

[voice post]

[A great deal of very large sounding creaking and shuffling can be heard in the background. When she speaks, the dragon's voice sounds raspy and relatively weak]

This curse again? Or one very like it..... Must the city resort to repeating itself? 

[attempted growling. gurgling? hacking? growling] I will warn you once. Do not come near me today. 

[/voice post]



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